BlueHost SSH的开通方法

BlueHost空间默认是不开通ssh/shell的,需要开通时,你提供相关证件给它们,如驾照,护照,或者身份证 driver’s licence or passport,然后,发送邮件给他们,把你的身份证等证件的扫描复印件通过Email,发送给它们客服,就可以了。
下面是申请邮件范本可以照这个发送申请开通bluehost ssh 的权限。
    Hi bluehost:

    Would you please be kind enough to give me the shell access right?

    My ID is “****”. I have attached my id card. thanks.


    Dear Customer,

    We will need you to email in a copy of passport or a valid US drivers licenese.
    If you have any further questions please let us know.

    Regards, Scott Dennis
    Bluehost Technical Support Team


Hi Scott Dennis:
I have no passport nor US drivers licenese, I’m from China. I’ve already send a copy my Chinese id card.
So that means that I don’t have the right? what a pity.
uploading files via ftp is so slow, I want to zip it and then unzip it in shell.



    I have decided to enable this with just your id card. SSH is now enabled.

    Felippe Burk
    Level 3 Support Team

BlueHost的服务比较及时,在发送图片的时候,建议尽量使用护照图片发过去,以节省开通bluehost ssh 的时间,

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