Unfortunately your account was a target of a DDOS attack. At this point we need to ask you to seek a alternate hosting solution. We regret to inform you that your account has been suspended due to violations of our Terms of Service Agreement that you accepted at signup.

At this time we must ask that you please seek an alternative hosting provider. Despite your violation of our TOS we as a courtesy will allow you 15 days from the date of Deactivation to remove your account from our servers. You now have CPanel & FTP access to your account so you may backup your files & transfer your domains as needed.

After that time your file and data will be completely deleted from our servers and in accordance with our refund policy a prorated refund will be issued back to the source used for original payment.

When you have found another hosting provider and are ready to make the necessary changes to you DNS and transfer your registration please give us a call, submit a Terms of Service/Abuse Complaints ticket via our help center or hop on live chat and we would be glad to take care of those changes for you.

If you need help moving your data, please visit this site:

其实 ,通过我们在线咨询BlueHost官方客服了解到:一般用户受到DDOS攻击后,他们会分配给用户一个临时的独立IP访问自己的网站,给你时间去处理DDOS攻击问题。如果你不想迁出网站,想继续使用BlueHost空间,那么你就购买独立IP,这样就可以解决DDOS攻击的问题了。



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