BlueHost主机Port 80端口被关闭解决办法


如果遇到风险文件,我们会向用户发送一封主题为:Malicious files detected for邮件说明,发件地址为


Dear Customer,

As provider of Shared Hosting services, we monitor the usage of all our customers to ensure that our Quality of Service is not adversely affected. Our goal is to ensure that one customer should not affect all the other customers on the same server.

As part of our routine monitoring, we have observed that some of the files hosted on this server belonging to您的主机上填写的域名) hosted under your account, has some malicious files hosted.

In order to prevent blacklisting of our service with various service providers, we have blocked outbound port 80 for this domain name as a precautionary measure. Here are the details of the files that were detected to be malicious.




We strongly suggest you to scan all the above listed files for any vulnerabilities. If the files are part of some plugins of your CMS, then we suggest you to update the plugin to the latest version or contact the plugin developer directly.

Steps to un-block port 80


* Login to cPanel

* Switch theme to x3.

* In the find section, search for “Port 80”.

* Under “Health Checks and Monitoring” tab, click on Port 80 icon and follow instructions on the screen.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our Support team.


The BlueHost China Team

Disclaimer: This is an auto-generated email sent by our monitoring system. Please contact our Support HelpDesk for further information.




2.执行病毒全盘扫描,确认主机中不含有其他潜在的病毒文件,通过cpanel面板>>Virus Scanner来扫描您的网站。

3.开启Cloud Flare等CDN加速,能够抵御部分恶意入侵(可选)

在您完成以上步骤后,并登录cPanel>>Softaculous Apps Installer>>Port 80 点击解锁端口,系统扫描后如果没有风险文件,将会释放80端口,以便您的主机正常运行。


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